Stratus Chardonnay Unfiltered and Bottled on Lees 2019

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There is a philosophy by certain groups of winemakers that filtering your wine strips it of some uniquely crucial flavours. Others believe that a crystal clear-looking wine is a sign of a less likely to be faulted wine. Whatever side of the camp you may find yourself on, forget what you think you might know about Chardonnay. Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Stratus Vineyards have been making their unfiltered Chardonnay since 2015, and it is a powerhouse of flavour; papaya, peach, fresh challah bread, pineapple, buttered popcorn...need I go on?

Get this wine if you are unfamiliar with unfiltered wine. It’s a sophisticated mosaic of aromas and flavours. If these many lees perturb you, just let the bottle sit upright for a touch of time and watch them settle. Or shake it up like a snowglobe…whatever you’d like!