Corretta Chianti Classico Molino di Grace 2018

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What is inherently more Italian than Chianti? A red wine from the heart of Tuscany that lives, breathes and invokes the very aromas and flavours that we have come to associate with the country while using, predominantly, the Sangiovese grape. Chianti has savoury flavours paired with high acidity and coarse tannin that cut through more decadent fatty dishes. These wines, though fruit-forward, are incredibly savoury with a tart edge. This combination of acidity, tannin, and tartness makes for one of the most versatile red wines in terms of pairing food. 

The Coretta is a more fruit-forward Chianti that is a collaboration between the winery Il Molino di Grace and Toronto-based wine critic Michael Godel. Recently named as ambassador/educator between Canada and Tuscany/Chianti Classico, he has been teaching on behalf of the area and thus the natural move to showcase a lighter and more fruit-forward style of Chianti. Soothing aromas of bright cherry, raspberry, and dried oregano are followed by an equally gentle palate of strawberry, black pepper, and rose petal.