Meldville Barrel Select Syrah 2018

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Meldville comes from the name of Derek Barnett’s childhood home back in Swinford, England. In essence, it harkens back to his family’s history and gives a sense that the place where you sink your roots matters. After thirty years of winemaking and spearheading the natural wine movement, this personal project has a bit of cult-like status, and for a good reason.

As the name suggests, the Barrel Select series is his best-of-the-best wine that has seen time in barrel. In the case of this hard-to-grow Syrah, its intense boysenberry and dark chocolate flavors seem to be enveloped in burning cedar in a campfire.

Get this wine if you plan to have a casual weekend BBQ with friends because of its approachable likeability and its ability to pair with essentially any protein cooked over an open flame.