Planeta Burdese Sicilia Menfi 2015

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Planeta’s journey began at Sambuca di Sicilia, on the estate owned by the family since the 1600s. Here, three enthusiastic young Sicilians, Alessio, Francesca and Santi Planeta, under the guidance of Diego Planeta, began their winemaking venture in the mid-1980s. Subsequent years were spent matching the extraordinarily diverse Sicilian soils with both indigenous and international varieties. Planeta today encompasses six distinct wine estates in five regions across Sicily; Ulmo at Sambuca di Sicilia, Dispensa at Menfi, Dorilli at Vittoria, Buonivini at Noto, Sciara Nuova on Etna at Castiglione di Sicilia, and the newest addition, La Baronia at Capo Milazzo. Each vineyard site is carefully cultivated with grapes that best compliment the local terroir.

From the sea to the hills, up to an altitude of 400 metres, the Menfi territory holds the largest extent of our vineyards. We cultivate more than 250 hectares, and we make careful selections of our vines, both indigenous and international varieties, to the specifics of each terroir.

The Dispensa (Cabernet Sauvignon) soils are moderately deep, limey with mixed yellow and dark grey chalk. With moderately fine texture and little gravel present, it is ideal for international grape varieties. The Maroccoli (Cabernet Franc) soils have many stones, and are moderately chalky with abundant loamy sections. An extraordinary micro-climate exists with breezes coming from the sea which is only a few kilometers away.

In local Sicilian dialect, Burdese means from Bordeaux and references the classic grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. As a result, this wine opens with aromas of dark-skinned berry, bell pepper and tilled earth. The structured palate offers black plum, white pepper, mocha and tobacco alongside smooth tannins. A powerful red, structured on a dense and important tannin texture balanced by a decisive alcoholic content. On the palate – ripe, very dense and rich fruit. The flavors are bilberry and preserved sour cherries mixed with leather which gradually develop to intense aromas of cherry, cocoa and rosemary.

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