Clara Marcelli Corbu 2017

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"Corbù" is an authentic wine from The Marcelli farm, located on the gentle hills of the Piceno region, a few miles from the Adriatic and a dozen miles from the imposing Apennines mountain range. The vineyards are at 750 feet above sea and they look East to the Adriatic and South to the Tronto valley. Made from Montepulciano and Cabernet grapes, on the nose a whirlwind of fruity, earthy and salty notes announces a medium intensity, very expressive, decidedly fresh and intensely tannic taste. Organic Wine, made with old style artisanal methods.

By adhering to century old organic farming methods, the estate is a living example of how sustainable agriculture has never left these lands. The hard work of the local grape growers, matched by the wine making skills of local wine makers, like Marco Casolanetti, are taking the wines of the Southern Marche  region to world fame.

Dark ruby red, almost black. Delicate nose with scent of grass with mineral notes. Soft tannins on the palate with fresh and balanced acidity. The finish is elegant, pleasant with medium length.