Agricola de Vinos La Higuera La Pinada 2018

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Featured in June 2022 Wine Club 

After Tempranillo, Bobal is the most planted grape variety in all of Spain. This is a bit of an incredible fact when you consider that despite being one of the most well known wine regions on the planet, we so rarely, if ever, see a Bobal on the shelf of a local wine shop or even on a top tier wine list of our preferred weekend restaurant. This is a shame, as this style of wine tends to showcase an amount of savoury freshness unparalleled by its bigger and bolder siblings, Tempranillo and Grenache.

Agrícola de Vinos La Higuera’ is a small project founded in 2017 by two friends, Javier del Blanco and Jorge Navascues, who with their joint knowledge and savvy business practices, they like many other young Spanish wine entrepreneurs have joined forces and coop with top Estates all over Spain. “La Pinada” is a three hectare parcel that is grown in Utiel Requena, Valencia, Spain. Here, 750 metres above sea-level on alluvial/clay soils, are 64 year old bush vines, rooted in history. While Monastrell and Garnacha are also planted in this area of Spain, they tend to make wines that are fiercely tannic and high in alcohol. More importantly you can taste its powerful and sometimes overbearing personality. Bobal, however, has a fresh and fruit-forward nose that displays fabulous aromas of blackberry, dark cherry, blossom, and a hint of earthy minerality. On the palate it is juicy, spicy and light in tannin. Drinking this crushable wine alongside some L.A.-style Birria Tacos with an adobo dressing is the type of summer cooking I not only can get behind but will camp out in front of a food truck for. That said, you can get the same delicious results at home and have a perfectly messy mid-week feast.