Southbrook Petit Verdot 2019

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Rarely produced as a single varietal wine, Petit Verdot is a full-bodied power house that is usually used in Bordeaux blends, for its colour, tannin structure and floral aromas. Translating to “Little Green One”, the grape is thought to have gotten its name because of its late-ripening capabilities. Here in Niagara, that is a plus! You may recognize Southbrook as the property with the strikingly gigantic wall that juts out welcoming you to Niagara-on-the-Lake. 

This handsome wine owes a lot of its structure to Southbrook’s new amphorae, as the harvest is split in two with one half going into clay and the other into large oak fermenters. After ageing for 20 months in French oak, the uniquely intriguing aromas of violets and dried sage work together perfectly with the vanilla, raspberry, mocha flavours. (Yes, I realise that I sound like I am describing a morning Starbucks order). With this wine’s James Bond-like sophistication, it deserves to be paired with only the best action movie and good company.