Chateau Barouillet Bergecrac White 2020

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For eight generations, Chateau Barouillet has been a family run business that has controlled 45 hectares of vines spanning from Monbazzillac to Cotes de Bergerac. These days it is Vincent Alexis who at the helm, works alongside his father and grandfather, cultivating their biodynamic vineyards.

This is organic and low intervention at its best. This charming and expressive white is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, Sémillon, and Chenin that were grown 100% sulphur free on clay & calcareous soils. Together, they create a well-balanced wine – a surprising union between freshness, fullness and aromas. There is a lightly oxidative note and a bready, lees-y back palate that bounces off the fruit which is at once fresh and zesty and creamy and opulent. Easy, fun and just a little bit wild.

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