Grains D'Estuaire Cuvee Emma Merlot 2020

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To express their love for great flavours, Winemaker Julien Bonneau (Château Haut Grelot in the Blayais) and Chef Alexandre Lavigne dreamt up their own range of wines and created Cuvée Emma. 

Bunches of Merlot grapes are sourced from the hillsides of St Bonnet sur Gironde in the south of the Charente Maritime, a sub-region near the Ocean, on the outskirts of Bordeaux.

Emma embodies the purity of a natural wine, the commitment to sustainable viticulture, and the importance of the vine balance. Winemaking is naturally done without the use of sulphites. The wine boasts notes of black fruits and candied fruit. It is fruit-forward, full-bodied, with a beautiful length.