Cantine Barbera No Trix Perricone 2021

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Cantina Barbera is located in Menfi, on the west coast of Sicily. The vineyards that are farmed following organic and biodynamic practices are about one mile from the Mediterranean Sea: an uncontaminated deep blue sea. The low cliffs and sandy dunes create a beautiful environment for the grapes to thrive and are protected by the Belice River Natural Reservation Fund.

A third-generation farmer, Marilena Barbera, farms the Perricone that her grandfather planted in the '20s; she makes her wines practising organic farming and natural winemaking while paying utmost respect to Menfi's terroir. Her commitment is to produce high-quality wines only with the native grapes grown and selected in their 30 hectares in Tenuta Belicello.

Perricone (sometimes referred to as Pignatello) is an ancient variety once all over Sicily, but was decimated by phylloxera, and nearly went extinct. It was briefly used as a blending partner with Nero d’avola, lending its tannin structure to the blend.  This variety is very specific, not only to Italy but to Sicily. It’s slightly different, is approachable and has a very particular sense of place as a result. 

Spicy and lively, the wine has a playful nose that is blend of red berries and geranium flowers.  Medium-bodied wine with lively ruby acidity, smooth tannins and spicy flavours of star anise and ginger. With the influence of the sea, it has a predictably saline finish.