Organized Crime Pinot Gris 2021

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Upon seeing the 2020 vintage of this wine, I was floored, first and foremost by its almost orange crush-like appearance. Being a skin-contact white wine, I was initially nervous because usually when introducing friends, families and customers to a new “orange wine”, more often than not, I’m met with a sour face that indicates an over extracted, bitter rind-like qualities and funky flavours that have stayed as an enduring, unpalatable memory. However, this wine was different. Aromas of fuzzy peaches, watermelon and baked lemon jumped out before my nose even came close to the glass. Followed up with flavours of pink lemonade, peaches and blossoms, I’d found a new weekday patio sipper. So imagine my surprise when I saw the 2021 vintage.

The pale salmon colour told me everything I needed to know about a hard vintage. Remarkably, the quality of the nose and palate was still fresh, elegant and just as assertive as the last vintage, proving that skin contact (or orange wine) does not have to be bitter or over extracted, but can have an otherwise elegant structure. Perfect for Liz Taylor sized sunglasses, Chet Baker and a sun kissed patio.

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