Poderi il Salicetto Albone Lambrusco di Modena

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Brother-in-law winemakers Gian Paolo and Marcello, who started the tiny Podere il Salecito estate in the classic Lambrusco area near Modena, work only with indigenous varietals like the traditional Lambrusco Salamino grape here. His ‘Albone ‘is everything we want in a Lambrusco, it's dry, luscious purply, chewy earth. With Lambrusco’s famous acidity and tartness, this is the wine you want with pizza, salumi, cheese or fried bits, as it'll cut through all that fat and clean your palate. In the scorching heat of the late summer, this wine is the perfect sparkling red refreshment we all want (and need!). Chill like a white wine and enjoy nice and cold!