Alessandro Rivetto Albori 2017

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In the hills of Sinio, Piedmont sits the winery of Alessandro Rivetto. A man driven by a passion for wine and biodiversity, he and his partners, believe that it is essential to have a deep bond with your vineyards if you want to convey a sense of place through your wine. As the third-generation caretaker, he constantly seeks to explore new production methods to create quality wine.  

Nascetta is referred to as "il Dimenticatio" or "the forgotten ones", as the grapes fell into obscurity in the early half of the twentieth century due to Phylloxera's pest. Similar to the slightly more common varieties like Muscat and Torrents, the aromas of a white flower blossom and grapefruit are followed by a savoury flavour of crisp lime zest and a wonderfully salty, mineral-driven finish.  

If you need a fresh and pretty option, get this wine to pair with a Peruvian Ceviche garnished with toasted almonds.