Astobiza 2018

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Up in the Basque region of Spain lives a man who proves that age is just a number: Xabier Abando. Having built his first Bodega at the age of 68 in 2008 and using vines he'd planted 12 years prior, he and his son-in-law Jon Zubeldia are making brilliantly approachable wine from the native variety Hondarrabi Zuri.

Astobiza is the name given to a portion of the mountain range that sits close to the winery, contributing to the fresh style and balance of the white peach, green apple and grapefruit notes. Like the best of friends should be, it's a no-fuss wine. Drink it out of a mason jar and curl up with a good book; it's not judging you!

Get this wine if you need a week-day sipper without dealing with the complications of etiquette. While it can pair with anything from steamed clams to grilled shrimp, you wouldn't go wrong simply with a bag of chips either.