Aurora Cabernet Franc 2017

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From one of the oldest countries in the world, this Cabernet Franc is grown on the Boutroun Mountains of Northern Lebanon near the tiny town of Aurora. Sitting less than a kilometer away from the Mediterranean Ocean, Fady Geara makes wine following traditional philosophies while simultaneously injecting some innovative winemaking techniques. It's the perfect old world meets new world wine! Growing Bordeaux varietals in this area of the world can sometimes be challenging due to temperamental weather patterns but the results are so incredible that its hard to argue the delicious results that seem to have been given a boost of Mediterranean flair.

Forget the green pepper style of cab franc you are used to and enjoy this full-bodied wine with blueberry, black olive and caramel notes. Sprinkled with a burst of dried herb 

It cannot be understated how amazing this wine is with almost any herb based sauce poured over your go-to protein. Introduce this wine into your Mediterranean diet.