Big Head Raw Malbec 2018

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The Big Head’s Raw series takes a low intervention approach to winemaking. This means that the wines see as little human interference and additives as possible and, in this case, go through wild fermentation and are aged in concrete. 

SOMMELIER’S NOTES Tasty. This wine is immediately enjoyable. The tannins are balanced already and have just enough grip to remind you this is a red wine. The nose is lifted and fresh, showing ripe blueberry, black cherry, cucumber peel and graphite. The palate is dry, yet juicy. It has a wonderful mix of ripe flavours and acidity. I preferred this wine in a Burgundy glass over a Bordeaux. Serve slightly chilled (not room temp) and get creative with your food pairing. I had this with a simple pasta Bolognese and was quite satisfied, but the intense fragrance and fresh acidity make this a highly versatile food companion. Also, drinks great on its own.