Bibi Graetz Bollamatta NV

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Bibi Graetz is a visual artist turned winemaker after inheriting his parents' small vineyard and mediaeval Tuscan castle. Without any formal winemaking training, he's been in production since 2000 and changing the Italian wine scene with his rebellious nature, and sustainable vineyard practises.

Bollamatta, loosely translated to "crazy bubble" in Italian, is a unique sparkling wine made from 100% Sangiovese grapes. Not just any grapes, but the green harvested grapes from his highly sought-after Testamatta and Colore wines. Green harvest is the process of removing extra grape bunches from a vine so that what is left on the vine can achieve better ripeness. This means you are getting quality grapes from quality 80-year-old vines. Pale in colour, this wine is crisp with cranberry, grapefruit, and orange peel notes. Fun fact, his daughter is responsible for this label design. -Red1

Get this wine if you need some fun! Pairs incredibly with some lightly seasoned and grilled seafood.