Clos Fornelli Corse La Robe d'Ange Rouge Sciaccarellu 2020

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Featured in the International Wine Club September 2022

Just South of France is a small but picturesque, mountainous island often mistaken for a lost slice of Italy. This is Corsica: birthplace of Napoleon and underrated grape growing region. 

Just above the coastal town of Aleria on the eastern edge of the island, is a small aeroplane hanger with big red block letters on the front that are written CLOS FORNELLI. It is her that one of only 6 growers still growing the native Corsican varietal, is Josee Vanucci and her husband Fabrice Couloumere. This couple run 18 hectares of organically farmed vines with a focus on native varietals. In this case, we have the pleasure of trying Sciaccarellu (pronounced “shak-a-rello”).

Thought to have originated in Tuscany, this highly perfumed grape is soft but unmistakable. Think pretty florals with strong flavours of licorice, cherry and thyme. In this case, bright cranberry and strawberry notes are also mixed together with elements of salt and pepper. 

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