Delinquinte Roko Il Vegabondo 2021

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An uncomplicated red wine that provides flavour and energy in spades. The thick skins provide a lovely, dark purple colour, and while the nose gives a feeling of power and intensity, the palate opens with a lovely, puckering fruit character, like a basket of freshly picked, maybe slightly underripe, but delicious mixed berries. The finish brings that tannin and those grippy, savoury elements back into play, while the acid keeps the freshness and length going. 

The Montepulciano was harvested from two different patches on the Bassham Family Organic vineyard, on separate days about a week apart. Each pick was fermented separately and blended together just prior to bottling. The earlier pick carried a lovely tart acidity and green energy, usually associated with whole bunch fermented wines, while the later pick gives palate weight and the deeper fruit character for drinkability – the final blend bringing both parcels together in a really awesome way.

Australian Montepulciano? Why, yes! The project of a young and dynamic team, which own a single vineyard south of the country, this cuvée offers a completely different profile. The wine is crafted with minimal intervention and limited sulphur addition during bottling. Born from organic culture, the wine is beautifully easy-drinking, and we like its dry and fruity profile. To discover!

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