Venus La Universal Dido Blanc 2017

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Sara Pérez is the wife of Rene Barbier who makes the famous Clos Mogador, Espectacle and Manyetes. Sara Pérez is also in charge of the Clos Martinet family domain. She also works closely with her brother Adria at Cims de Porrera. Father José Luis Pérez, one of the most important figures in the Spanish wine world, is proud of his children. He also remains active in various wine projects.

Together with her husband René Barbier (Clos Mogador), Sara Pérez owns and creates two beautiful wines on Venus La Universal. As a tribute to every small food manufacturer from the 1920s who wanted to grow up, Sara has started this mini-domain (now 10 ha.) Compania Universal de Vinos.

They created two wines. The Dido blanco, a complex white wine based on Macabeo and Garnacha Blanca, with partial fermentation on French oak. 

Macerated with skins for some 30 days, it's quite pale (the Macabeo does not go golden, and this Garnacha Blanca from granite just doesn't even if the variety normally does). The wine has a vibrant and lively nose and incredible balance on the palate, with good ripeness and unnoticeable alcohol balanced by very good freshness. It has very fine tannins and a dry, austere and stony finish.