Domaine Queylus Droite 2018

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The region of Bordeaux is divided into two parts: the right and left bank of the Gironde river. The wines tend to be typically bigger and bolder on the left, while those on the right are softer and smoother in style, principally made from Merlot grapes. "Droite" in French translates to "right." So you can easily guess what DQ is going for with this wine.

While yes, it is a smoother style wine than a wine called "Gauche," it still packs a little wallop with cherry, vanilla and graphite notes while certainly having enough tannins to warrant some food.

Get this wine if you like classic french wines like Bordeaux and plan on having any roasted or grilled red meats with a rich sauce or gravy in the mix. A gentle warning to avoid eating chicken with these style wines as you may get an unwanted metallic taste in your mouth.