Nals Margreid Fels Kerner 2022

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Kerner is the mutant hybrid of the grape varieties Trollinger and Riesling. While it technically is from Germany, it thrives in the Northernmost part of Italy: Alto Adige. Just below Austria, this valley has historically been the gateway between Italy and the rest of Europe, which explains why most varieties/labels from this area have a decidedly “German” look and feel. The Alpine climate means mild summers and cool autumns, allowing for a longer growing season and later harvest. 

Nals Margreid is a cooperative cellar that sits in the small village of Nals. The winery was founded in 1985 as a union of two well-established wineries (Cantine Nalles and Magre-Niclara), resulting in 165 hectares of responsibly farmed vineyards between 140 different growers. In the case of the Kerner, the grapes come from a small vineyard, Pitzon, which sits between 500 and 700 metres above sea level in the south-east of Nals with some of the best soil for growing Kerner (moraine soil=rock heavy).

This medium-bodied white has the crisp aromas of peach and jasmine while the palate is full of fresh apricot, mandarin and grapefruit flavours bound together by a smoky, mineral finish.