Flat Rock Amplify Riesling 2020

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When you take Riesling and turn it to 11, what happens? You get a beautifully, bone-dry, full malo-neutral oak fermented exmaple of the versatilty of Rielsing in Niagara. A bright acidit paired with a mouthfilling texture that may be lacking in other Rieslings, the 2020 Amplify, leaves nothing to be wanted. 

A neutral oak barrel-fermented Riesling that’s gone through full malolactic fermentation. These winemaking choices are atypical for this grape variety, but the results are astounding. A full-bodied, hyper-ripe wine that shows a richness of fruits like dried apricots, baked yellow apples and preserved peaches. There’s a slight honeyed characteristic that falls perfectly in step with this bone-dry wine. A round and soft texture completes the structural picture of this stunner. We’ve amplified Riesling to a bold and audacious version of itself … and it’s delicious.