Garage Wine Co Isidore Vineyard Lot F3 Semillon 2020

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Garage Wine Co. began in 2008 with the idea of making wine on a small scale, a personal scale, by hand with the family. It was (and still is!) physical work, and a therapeutic complement to the hustle and bustle of the new millenium. Few in Chile, back then, knew what a "garagiste" was, nor were they familiar with the gringo tradition of celebrated companies having began "in the garage." Viñas in Chile were large affairs, named after saints and owned by clubby families with long names full of double rr’s who presided over a rather closed circle. The founders of Garage Wine Co. patented the name anyway and went to work, quietly but surely, content to make wine barrel by barrel and selling it amongst friends and family.

Amber in color this wine smells of lemon, candle wax and bee pollen with a hint of flor / orange that adds complexity. In the mouth, lemon juice, candied lemon peel and a touch of bee pollen mixed with white flowers and honey (without the sweetness). High acid with faint chalky texture make this a mouthwatering package. Tasty and with time in the glass: vast. A portion of the wine sat on its skin for 8 months, but with little oxygen.