Creekside Iconoclast Syrah 2017

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Creekside has made a name for itself over the years, and the primary reason is their treatment of Syrah. It is not an easy grape to grow in the Ontario climate, but since 1997, they have been creating some stunning wine.

The term “iconoclast” refers to a rule-breaker, a non-conformist or a rebel, and the idea of blending Syrah with Viognier isn’t a new idea but rather one that came from the Northern Rhone in France, however, is something new to Niagara. In this case, Syrah’s savoury side is balanced out by introducing Viognier’s floral complexity. What you get, in this case, is a wine that has a delicious balance of a black forest cake and a bouquet garnie of herbs de province.

Get this wine if you like the bold and the beautiful. Try a grilled eggplant parmesan if you are looking for a delectable dinner suggestion that will impress with the wine.