Elios Katamacerato Catarratto 2019

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It has been said that Julius Caesar's favourite wines came from Sicily. It's not hard to see why. This magnificent part of Italy has interesting native varieties, unique traditions and some of the country's most passionate winemakers. Elios is a passion project born of two young Sicilian friends who, in love with their land, decided to take over their families' farms and focus on producing natural wines and other products such as olive oil and honey.

Katamacerato is Elios' orange wine made from Catarratto grapes, a variety native to Sicily that has been traditionally used in bulk wine production. Deciding to "cut ties with the past" (which is what the label represents) and taking time to focus on this grape's potential, they came out with this incredible skin contact white wine after five years of experimentation. Cultivating the grapes directly from their estate, harvested by hand and skins left on the juice for a whole week, the wine has a deep orange colour and intensely structured nose. Offering notes of thyme, rosemary, and ripe orange, some macadamia notes and gentle tannins on the palate help the wine sing.