Poderi il Salicetto Falistra Lambrusco di Sorbara

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Podere Il Saliceto’s Gian Paolo Isabella may be more known in different communities for his Muay Thai skills than his wine. He lives in Modena, home of Parmesan, balsamic vinegar, and the incredible grapes of Lambrusco. There are six varieties of Lambrusco—Lambrusco di Sorbara is the most well known in Modena, and the one used for Isabella’s Falistra, which he turns into a rosé. Each Lambrusco variety has its own characteristics—Lambrusco di Sorbara gives a racy acid to a wine, and elevates Falistra. It gives it some bounce, some life, some fun.

Lambrusco grapes are secret grapes to me—they don’t scream for attention. They’re not international varieties. In fact, they’re not grown outside of Italy, except for a tiny grouping in Argentina. Lambrusco has endemic place in the region of Emiliga-Romagna, making it all the more special and unique in the world of wine.

Lambrusco may be known for super sweet red wines, but much of Lambrusco is quite dry. It can be a still red wine, a rose, or a sparkling wine—which is what we know it for the most. We can expect most Lambruso to be a darker shade of red, but Falistra defies expectations. It’s a sparkling rose that makes you say “Lambrusco?”. It’s strawberries, cherries, herbs, it somehow manages to still be earthy. It’s Lambrusco, all right—it’s unique. It’s a wine that you can drink with literally anything. It’s bright, it’s exciting, and most of all it’s fun.

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