Foreign Affair Merlot Sangiovese 2018

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Foreign Affair is a unique winery within Niagara in that every wine they make is somehow touched by the appassimento style of winemaking. Appassimento refers to the grapes being dried out before the winemaking process, thus concentrating the grape’s flavours.

Initially a wine club member exclusive, there were only 71 cases produced of this blend’s vintage. While predominantly Merlot, the flavours of black cherry and chocolate really shines through. However, the very rare and very little Niagara grown Sangiovese brings savoury notes of tobacco and black pepper into the fold. Finally, having 27% appassimento grapes involved focuses on these intense dried tomato and fig flavours.

Get this wine if you or anyone in your circle is a fan of classic Amarone-style wine or even a California Zinfandel. Chances are, you won’t see a wine like this often out of Niagara. After all, how many people can grow Sangiovese down here? Answer-Very few. Great with anything thrown on the BBQ and topped with chimichurri.