Puglia Pop Riccio Verdeca 2021

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The Puglia Pop Riccio is made of 100% Verdeca. This grape variety owes its name to the greenish color of the grapes (the Dutch translation of the Italian verde is therefore green).

Verdeca is considered an indigenous grape in Puglia and especially in the areas around the itria valley where this wine of Puglia pop comes from. The grapes come from old vines between 25-40 years old.

Between September and October the grapes are ripe enough to harvest. This is done completely manually, after which the harvest is immediately pressed and allowed to ferment for 10 to 15 days in amphorae made of clay. During the alcoholic fermentation, the must also undergoes a short maceration on the skin. In order to give the wine its special and authentic character, the wine matures for another 6 months in the amphorae. After this, the wine has to age for another 3-4 months in its special bottle before it is made available.

This very innovative bottle is special because it insulates the wine 45% better against temperature changes and is 100% better protected against light than a normal wine bottle. This keeps the wine good for longer and you drink the wine as the winemaker intended without nasty external influences. The bottle is also 100% recyclable and contributes to social projects in Puglia.

Ultimately, this produces a wine with a beautiful bright straw yellow color and light green hues. The nose is characterized by clear aromas of white fruit, green apple, and pear, followed by a note of bergamot, lychees and pineapple. Finally a pleasant hint of elderberry and hawthorn. There is also a herbaceous note of rosemary and sage and a light almond aroma in the background. The taste is very delicate, elegant and soft with a sultry but balanced freshness and a mineral touch. Nice and dynamic, super elegant and juicy in the mouth with a very fine aftertaste.

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