Puglia Pop Triglia 2021

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Featured in the International Wine Club September 2022

The heel of boot-shaped Italy is a 45 mile sun-kissed coastline called Apulia, or more commonly known as Puglia. Boasting some of the hottest temperatures in the whole country, there is a strong fun-loving, party-life sensibility that no one knows that better than the Spanish born Hugo Rojo de Castro. As someone who appreciates anyone in the wine world who questions how we speak about, produce and interact with vinified beverages, it's not hard to see why the Puglia Pop Trigilia Rose is immediately intriguing even to a casual wine drinker. 

Made from old Negroamaro vines that are located in the picturesque Itria Valley - an area who’s cooler climate is known to lend itself to the more acid driven wines of Puglia- Negroamaro is known as being a red varietal that leans towards a rustic expression of earthy dark fruit. In the case of this rose, however, the fermentation and ageing in clay amphorae combined with a short maceration time, brings out elegant aromas of grapefruit and rose as well as beautiful flavours of strawberry and maraschino cherry. Now, let’s “bottle talk”! This stubby hand-painted, color bomb is an unconventional vessel that insulates, protects from light damage and contributes to social projects in Puglia.

Drink this wine with strangers that you want to turn into friends.

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