Roko ill Vagabondo Deliquente 2021

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Australian Montepulciano? Why, yes! The project of a young and dynamic team, which own a single vineyard south of the country, this cuvée offers a completely different profile. The wine is crafted with minimal intervention and limited sulphur addition during bottling. Born from organic culture, the wine is beautifully easy-drinking, and we like its dry and fruity profile. To discover!

Montepulciano is a grape commonly associated with the Italian region of Abruzzo, not to be mistaken for the wine known as 'Vino Nobile di Montepulciano', which is actually made from Sangiovese around the town of Montepulciano in Tuscany. Confused yet? Montepulciano the grape is known for being dark and rich and for pairing well with food (like basically all Italian varieties).

The Delinquente Roko il Vagabondo Montepulciano is a fresh and lively version with a vibrant purple colour, flavours of fresh berries and spice, and stimulating acidity, thanks to two different parcels (one picked early, one with a bit more ripeness) which were blended together right before bottling. 

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