Rosehall Run Vineyard JCR Chardonnay 2016

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The 2016 vintage will be remembered for the hot, drought like conditions that Prince Edward County  farmers endured. While short droughty periods in summer are common, the duration without a rain of over 5 mm extended to 10 weeks at Rosehall Run. Even with this parched summer our Chardonnay vines sailed through with very minimal water stress – a testament to the moisture holding capacity of our heavy clay soils and vineyards that are over a decade and a half old with a well-developed root system. The payoff is in the bottle: the intensity of flavour is amazing,

“First and foremost there is so much charm here, from great fruit, mostly orchards of apple and citrus, then just a hint towards tropical. All impressive from a pottery vineyard coming of age into its later teens and capable of retaining soluble nutrients during stressed times. An elemental and kissed wet stone design runs through like veins carrying white blood cells to the fruit's organs and extremities and so the drought vintage was no worthy adversary to the JCR. Dan Sullivan's top chardonnay comes replete with high level, quality and pointed fineness of acidity.”

Score 91 Michael Godel,

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