Rosewood Blue & Yellow 2021

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It all started with a promise. In 1982, on their honeymoon to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Eugene had promised Renata that one day they would open a winery together. As the story goes, she smiled and laughed, and 18 years later, they purchased a soon-to-be-vineyard property on the Beamsville Bench to begin their juice-filled project.

Eugene comes from a lifelong tradition of beekeeping (learned from his father) and a career in IT and Technology. Combining these two technically skilled areas, he is one of the key driving and innovative forces behind Rosewood. Renata comes from a successful career as a physiotherapist (it’s always helpful to have a physiotherapist around during harvest) before becoming an increasingly active member of the Ukrainian community helping various charitable and not-for-profit organizations within Ontario and Canada.

Blue & Yellow... makes green, a name fitting for a new vinho verde style Riesling and a wine made to help Ukraine during this difficult time. With less than 2 g/L residual sugar, aged on lees for 7 months in stainless steel, and unfiltered, this wine has a fresh, racy acidity that will keep you drinking it all summer. 

100% of after-tax profits are being donated to Ukraine. First round of donations will be made directly to Unite With Ukraine.

Label art generously donated by Julian Klincewicz.