Henry of Pelham Speck Family Reserve Baco Noir 2020

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In 1842, Henry, the second-generation owner, signed his name to a liquor licence as "Henry of Pelham" instead of his real name Henry Smith. This impish prank gave way to a six-generation winery that made history by being one of the first to bring Niagara wines to an international platform. This is due to the reintroduction to the grape variety, Baco Noir. These days, it's almost exclusively found in Canada because, as it turns out, our climate makes this wine sing.

The three Speck brothers have been running this show since 1988 and had a hand in planting these particular Baco Noir grapes. This wine is herby, toasty and floral with notes of toasted rye bread and kalamata olives, topped with some black plum jelly

Get this wine if you and some friends are curious about trying a relatively new grape variety that is home-grown and at an excellent price for the quality. Try it with some Turkish Lamb Kebabs without skimping on that sumac spice!