Suertes del Marques 7 fuentes 2018

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Featured in International Wine Club May 2022

Tenerife is one of eight separately unique islands that stand apart from mainland Spain, westwards of the Sahara desert. Known historically as a rest-stop in the 1800s for the British on their quest for world domination, these days, it's more of a literal hot spot for gaudy jet-setters looking to boost Instagram followers. Home to the third largest volcano in the world, the island is particularly interesting for its wine production. As one of the only places in Europe that managed to escape the havoc of the infamous Phylloxera - an aphid that devastated the European vines at the turn of the century, the isle's going through somewhat of a vinous renaissance as some young locals are trading banana plantations for vines. This Neotraditionalism has sparked the interest of wine geeks worldwide, as these bottles encapsulate a timelessly stylish rustic character.

Roberto Santana and Jonatan Garcia refer to their 7 Fuentes as a "village wine." The name references the seven sites in the DO of Valle de la Orotava, where they source the grapes. From 100-year-old vines grown in deep volcanic soil and high altitudes, this organic wine is predominantly Listan Negro with a splash of Castellana Negra. Aged for 9 months in concrete and neutral oak, there are specifically unique and seemingly misplaced aromas of grapefruit, watermelon and licorice. However, they are woven together with the more familiar notes of plum, anise, tobacco, pink peppercorn and a slight tickle of freshly picked blackberry in the brush. Through its gradual development, you will notice that this dark and structured wine is as harmonious as it is delicious. And my favourite part? The earthy, campfire aromas invoke this city girl's most romantic fantasies of sitting under a cozy throw on a Muskoka chair, impromptu charcuterie board tossed to the side with this bold summer-time red in my hand. Perfection.