Tempos Vega Sicilia Pintia 2017

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Pintia lies on the banks of the Douro River, within the Toro D.O. region. The extremely cold winters and hot summers influence its complex soils, which are mainly known for their significant pebble content.
This means that finding the perfect harvest period is key to ensure the wine conserves both its fresh aromas and acidity.
Harvest was from 6 to 17 September. It was a very short harvest without any stoppages to ensure maximum freshness in the wine. Extraction during fermentation was less intense compared to previous years, targeting elegance with few pump-overs.
The new American oak barrel percentage is 5%, enhancing the effect of the lighter toasts. The malolactic fermentation in barrel was reduced by 10% compared to the previous vintage. The aim was to make the most elegant Pintia possible given the characteristics of this warm vintage.

Pintia 2017 has a juicier, sweeter balance, achieving harmony and a silky texture.