Flat Rock Cellars The Rusty Shed Chardonnay 2019

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Literally named after the iconic Rusty Shed on the Flat Rock Cellars property, this wine has become synonymous with the winery itself. Worth noting off the bat is since its inception, the facility has been cork-free by design. The romantic notion of corks in the bottle has been pushed aside for the pragmatism of a screw cap. Do not let this decision convince you that this wine can’t hold up to the other oaked Chardonnays of its style because it most certainly does.

Classic aromas of pear, baked golden apple, and toffee are rounded out by well balanced toasted oat, cinnamon and browned butter flavours. 

Get this wine if you are not a romantic but know how to treat yourself well. Pairs fantastically with a seafood risotto.