Menfi Tivitti Inzolia 2020

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The best kind of wine is the one that transports you to a whole other world. Marilena Barbera is doing exactly that from her property that sits on the southwest coast of Sicily, sunbathing against the Mediterranean Sea. Her focus is solely on native varieties that thrive on her 30-hectare vineyard, and in this case, we are looking at Inzolia, a grape known for its predominant use in the fortified wine Marsala. 

This dry, medium-bodied wine is deeply aromatic with fresh pear, honeysuckle, and ocean breeze notes. The lemon-fresh, almond flower palate is refreshing and satisfying. 

Get this wine if you want to feel like an old Hollywood movie star at a seaside resort. This sun-kissed superstar can hold up to the enticing flavours of a Moroccan Shakshuka.