UBE Paganilla 2020

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UBE Paganilla is a wood-aged white wine made by Cota 45 with the native Palomino variety and categorised as a VT Cádiz, in Andalusia (Spain).
Cota 45 is run by Ramiro Ibáñez, a prestigious winemaker from Sanlúcar de Barrameda who champions native varieties and experiments with the characteristic calcareous soils of albariza. His commitment to recovering ancient methods has led him to leave the denomination of origin and he works to convey the maximum expression of the terroir in his wines.
UBE Paganilla comes from five small plots with three different types of albarizo soils: Lentejuelas, Lustrillos and Tosca Cerrada. The vines are aged up to 60 years old and are cultivated using environmentally friendly agriculture. The harvest is carried out manually at the optimum point of ripeness.  
In the winery, UBE Paganilla ferments in a Jerez cask with a yeast cap, keeping each plot separate. Then the wine spends 8 months in selected sherry casks and finally 2 more months with a yeast cap. 
UBE Paganilla is about a return to origins. A biological wine that reminds us of the first Manzanillas from Sanlúcar as white wines with a yeast cap.