Umathum Zweigelt 2019

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Look no further than this utterly delicious Zweigelt from one of Austria's top producers. In the hands of Josef "Pepi" Umathum, the grape transcends its normal humble role as part of a blend and shines all on its own. An intriguing mix of blackberry, cherry, and earthiness, with a black peppery bite, the wine offers up some serious depth and complexity while remaining ohso drinkable. Umathum's parents started the winery in 1958, planting the vines themselves on an empty 10-acre field. Pepi took the reigns in 1985 just as the Austrian wine scandal erupted. He began farming organically and in 2005 went full-on biodynamic. He now even has sheep in his vineyard. The result is quite simply a very good wine.