Sindicat La Figuera Garnacha 2020

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La Figuera is a village of about 80 people, found at the highest point of the region of Montsant, Spain, 600 metres into the mountains. Founded in 1932, the winery was a cooperative for the residents of the village, however, in the 1950s, a frost wiped out many of the vineyards and production was halted for quite a few decades. In recent years, there has been a project initiated by six farmers/winemakers, whose aim has been to regenerate the cooperative using the same grapes and traditional methods-the most notable being the use of underground concrete vats for fermentation and ageing. Using Garnatxa grapes between 30-80 years old that were grown in limestone soil, thus creating a lighter style, and aged for 8-9 months on lees, the wine is fresh, fruity and juicy.

Grenache can sometimes have the reputation of being astringent with tannins that need to soften. Between the soil and winemaking methods, this wine is smooth, fruity and easy to drink.

Medium-bodied, aromas of cherry, raspberry, and a plum with a palate of dried herb and medium acidity.