Azul y Garanza Graciano 2020

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Azul y Garanza was founded by Dani Sánchez, María Barrena, and Fernando Barrena. The trio met while studying at viticultural school. Upon finishing their studies they decided to purchase an old winery in the town María and Fernando were raised in. The building was abandoned in the 1970’s and 80’s when grape growers were encouraged to rip out their vineyards. The winery needed a lot of work, but fortunately the original concrete tanks were salvageable. Venturing into the country they discovered some incredible patches of old vineyards. Some of the vines were over 100 years old! Today the wines of Azul y Garanza are made from organically farmed grapes harvested from two main areas – the pre-Pyrenees foothills near the village of Carcastillo, and in the gently rolling hills bordering the Bardenas Reales. All of the wines are made with minimal intervention.

Las Bardenas Reales of Navarra, Europe’s largest desert, is an extreme place: poor and arid clay and limestone soils, a dry climate with a wide thermic range between night and day. Due to these harsh conditions vines here produce a very limited crop but one of exceptional quality with highly-concentrated, very small grapes.

An organic wine made from a blend of 60% Garnacha and 40% Graciano with 6 months of French oak. A dominant nose of red fruit; currants, raspberry, and cherry, complimented with black pepper and licorice. Dry, medium-bodied with decent acidity and a good tannic bite on the lingering finish.