Creekside Broken Press Syrah 2016

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Creekside has made a name for itself over the years, and the primary reason is their treatment of Syrah. It is not an easy grape to grow in the Ontario climate, but since 1997, they have been creating some stunning wine. Broken Press is one of Creekside's most revered bottlings, and as a result, they are pretty protective of their flagship wine. They will absolutely skip a vintage if the grapes are not up to the highest standards.

The 2016 is powerful; you can smell its big berry, pink peppercorn, and cinnamon roll distinctive smell hollering from the glass before you get your nose close. Simultaneously, a touch of Viognier is added to the wine, bringing some beautiful floral elements to the wine. Regardless, this wine is a big beefcake.

Get this wine if you like a wine that makes a statement. It's inarguably the best that Creekside has to offer, and 2016 is at a peak point to be drinking now in 2022. Pair with corned beef, cabbage and mashed potato. A hearty meal for a robust wine!