Sorelle Bronca Modi Prosecco NV

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Sisters Antonella and Ersiliana Bronca have steered their estate along the path of quality since taking over the reins from their father Livio, in the mid-eighties. Joined by Antonella’s husband, Pietro, a winemaker, and Ersiliana’s daughter Elisa, this family team works hard in the vineyard and in the cellar to produce the purest Prosecco out there.

The name Modi comes from a combination of Italian and the local language of Veneto. In the area around Sorelle Bronca when you say a person is a modo or a modi it means that s/he is a correct, fair, polite and nice person - so related to a person's behavior. They call the wine Modi to mean that it is a drinkable, versatile and pleasant wine. 

Made from 100% Glera this wine is crisp on the palate, light in alcohol and incredibly refreshing. Think citrus, honey and peach.