Domaine d'Alzipratu Calvi Pumonte 2018

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Sitting in the foothills of the 2,000-metre high Monte Grosso, on the island of Corsica, lies 24 hectares of beautiful vineyards on land that once belonged to a 16th-century convent. The estate, as we now know it, was created in the 1960s by Baron Henry Louis de La Grange, and was managed by Maurice Acquaviva before being taken over by his son Pierre and his wife Cécilia. With Pierre’s guidance and dedication, Domaine Alzipratu has become a beacon for expressive and terroir-driven Corsican wines. His focus on cultivating indigenous varieties, respecting the environment and experimenting in the winery are all factors in creating wines of purity and finesse.

Pumonte is a slope at the foot of the Cirque de Bonifatu, a breath-taking natural park where creeks and streams hide among high peaks. The proximity of the mountains cools the usually hot temperatures of Corsica during the summer, preserving the freshness and the aromas in the grapes.

Aleatico is a grape variety that is grown in small quantities in central Italy. Known for being lusciously sweet with floral aromas and flavours of spice and red fruit, particularly cherries. Fun Fact: During his exile in Elba, wine made from Aleatico was reportedly a favourite drink of Napoleon.

Nielluccio tends to make wine that is very aromatic and smells of fresh-cut grass. It tends to have bright red fruit flavours, a little colour and a lot of alcohol. Fun fact: It's a parent grape to Sangiovese.

Sciacarello is usually a blending grape that gives soft tannin, red fruit characteristics and peppery notes to the wine. Fun fact: Almost solely grown on the island of Corsica and almost always blended with Nielluccio.

This rich, earthy and velvety smooth wine has a nice bouquet of black cherry, plum, pepper, and cacao with an earthy yet fruit-forward palate that mirrors the nose.

Get this wine if you are feeling like taking a day of self-isolation. Like Napoleon himself, you can sit in the perfect union of delusion, self-importance and pride. Pair with game-meat tartar and be the emperor or empress that you deserve to be.